Olive Oil With Gold

A unique product has been created by leveraging our know-how and experience. This meticulous specialty is one with nature, is not mass produced and is hand-crafted by following and respecting tradition. We employed Slovenian wood, high-quality glass from well-established Slovenian glass works, and top notch cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with a pinch of gold.

Traditionally cold pressed. With 24-carat gold.
Because only the best is good enough for you.

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Organically farmed

on Slovenian coastline. 700 trees of indigenous olive tree varieties.

Olive tree varieties

The olives chosen for Puravida olive oil come from an organically farmed olive grove in Ankaran, the heart of Slovenian coastline. The grove covers over 2 ha (5 acres) with some 700 olive trees, mostly of indigenous varieties such as Istrian belica, Ankaran and Piran črnica, drobnica, buga, and štorta, as well as a few Mediterranean varieties – leccino, pendolino, frantoio, and maurino. The hand-picked olives are cold-pressed in a state-of-the-art olive press at the Lisjak oil mill in Stara Šalara on the same day they are harvested. The oil is pressed using only mechanical procedures at a temperature not exceeding 27°C.

Health Effects

Let the fruit of the long-lived olive tree help contribute to your health

Darjan Marušič, M.D., specialist in internal medicine:

Cardiovascular diseases and cancer comprise the biggest threat to the developed world. Despite years of research, scientists have yet not been able to pin down the reasons for these diseases; they have however identified the risk factors. A full and active life guarantees better health, and we cannot imagine such a lifestyle without a healthy and balanced diet. Several international studies have affirmed the positive effect of a diet rich in fish, fruit, vegetables, cereals, and antioxidants to longevity and quality of life. The Mediterranean diet, abundant in olive oil, is a perfect example. Olive oil is easily digestible, it boosts the secretion of digestive juices, and improves the absorption of vitamins, especially vitamin E. The beneficial effects of olive oil are the result of its high content of antioxidants, such as polyphenols, and a healthy balance of fatty acids. Antioxidants (flavonoid polyphenols) prevent damage to cells. Our bodies do not produce vitamins E, D, A, and K, which are soluble in olive oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids. Olive oil is the basis of several diets for patients with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, inflammation of joints, and many more ailments.

History and Tradition

Mentioned back in 2nd century AD

Olive oil production has a long tradition in Slovenian Istria, and olive oil from the region was mentioned back in the second century AD by the Greek geographer Pausanias (c. AD 110–c. 180) in his Description of Greece. This region’s oil is also mentioned in several sources from the 13th century and onward. Producing olive oil was the main economic activity in the area until the second half of the 19th century, but after the great frost of 1929 the industry suffered a decline.

The revitalization of this time-honored tradition began after 1985. After lengthy discussions and decades of poor visibility, olive oil from Slovenian Istria has gained a reputation as a delicacy and a true rarity, as the geographic position and climate of the olive growing region give the oil a range of unique qualities. Olives mostly come from small, privately-owned groves (up to 0.4 ha), and groves cultivating olives for organic olive oil cover only 92 ha of the Slovenian Istria.

Geography and Climate


Slovenian Istria

The olive tree is native to the Mediterranean, whose climate, with its long, hot, and dry summers, and humid but not-too-cold winters, provides the perfect conditions for cultivation. Slovenian Istria is on the northern-most part of the Adriatic coast, where the warm Mediterranean and colder continental climates clash, creating special conditions that sometimes force the olive tree to fight for its existence.

The clash of climates

The transition between the two climate types creates a subtropical zone with warm, dry summers, and rather cold and humid winters with occasional snow, which can severely reduce the tree’s yield and affect oil production. The geographic position and climate are the main spices that lend the olive oil from Slovenian Istria its distinctive aroma.


Handled by hammering pure gold into a leaf just 1/7000 of a millimeter thick

The origin of gold

Olive oil is also called green gold, so we decided to add 24-carat edible gold to our product and make it even more special, unique, and different. The latest research shows that gold was created in an even more dramatic way than we had assumed. Gold was namely forged in quite a rare and magnificent event – the collision of two neutron stars that caused gamma-ray bursts, resulting in unique stellar conditions for the element’s formation. Astonishing!

A unique experience

Edible gold is made by hammering pure gold into a leaf just 1/7,000 of a millimeter thick, with 1 gram of gold being turned into 1 square meter of leaf, which is then crumbled into gold dust. Gold has for centuries been used for medicinal purposes, for example to treat rheumatism and arthritis, since it is supposed to work as a painkiller, like a sort of elemental aspirin. Nowadays people take gold supplements in liquid form as colloid gold or as food decoration. You can find gold on food labels as E175. We added it to oil, creating a magical potion that will reward you with a unique experience. This elixir of life is of cosmic proportions.

One with nature

Carefully Hand-crafted

Following the tradition and heritage

Cold-pressed extra virgin oil from Slovenian Istria


Freshly cut grass, crushed olive tree leaves and herbs.


Fruity and light, taste of vegetables and herbs,
with a good balance between bitterness and spiciness.


High-quality glass bottles; 200 ml and 500 ml versions available.


Engraved wooden box casing. Solid with style.

PURAVIDA Olive Oil 200 ml

200 ml


PURAVIDA Olive Oil 500 ml

500 ml


Puravida olive oil perfectly
complements a wide range of dishes.

as well as all culinary masterpieces
that are only added a dash of finest
olive oil when served on the plate.

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